Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Say Hello to my Little Friend"

Contrary to the heading, this has nothing to do with Scarface! HA! Wordpress' "Hello World" felt too generic and everything else that came to mind felt way too "cheeseball," so here I am along with my misleading title. :D

I don't watch too much television, I'm prone to starting art projects and abandoning them because I get bored after awhile, actually the same serves true for my crafts, too. One thing I can do is finish reading a good book.

Guess what else I can do! :o I can write about what I read! (oooh)

Not because I have to (aside from a freebie/review trade, but a review for getting a free book isn't asking for much, right?), not because I was asked to, but simply because the book and author don't expect anything but for the reader to enjoy or get something out of the experience.

I've noticed that self-published authors have a harder time of getting "out there," but truth be told, I rarely notice if one is self-published or not. Maybe, because it doesn't matter to me. Sure, I'm as guilty as the next for seeing a popular author's name and gravitating to the book, assuming it'll be great. Yet, I don't really discriminate. I'm just as likely to be drawn to a book from someone I've never ever heard of, get intrigued by the synopsis, and wanting to read it just as much.

I'm not above reading any book from anyone if I'm into the genre.

I don't expect a to get a stampede of followers or anything, but it can't hurt to have yet one more blog dedicated to my favorite and most active hobby.

On that note, you can find me on Goodreads and Wattpad voting, reading, and reviewing. Now, I have a blog to add my GR reviews, too. ;)

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