Wattpad is another site I'm on lots. On Wattpad, you'll find writers upon writers...upon writers. The reads are free and if you have their mobile app downloaded, you have access to instant free books at all hours of the day.

NOTE: This is not a site for book snobs.

By that, I mean people that only want to read the next big hit from a well known author. You won't find them here. These are the authors trying to get to that level, the ones that are trying to improve their abilities, and the ones that are just writing for the love of the craft.

Mind you, the only real "con" I can think of for this site is that if you decide to read a book that the author is currently writing, and you get sucked into it...it's a huge drag waiting for the chapter updates...with the hopes that the author doesn't forget...or take forever.

I've only had it happen to me twice, but I'm still bitter about the whole thing. :P

On that note, I want to say that it's definitely worth checking out. I have come upon stories that I couldn't believe weren't on a shelf in a store with a fat price tag on them, more times than I can count.


Title: Conduit
Author: Hope-Adon
Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult/Fiction
To Download on Wattpad Mobile App: 1750428
Rating: 5 stars

This is my one of my top 3 favorites on Wattpad. I literally stopped reading other wattpad books in order to wait for an update for this book each week. I was lucky that the author didn't make us wait for eons to read the next juicy bit.

Hope-Adon takes us to another world with Conduit. A world where women and men live separately, only to come together for breeding purposes in order to increase their own tribes. I know the way I put it sounds bad, but this book is in no way vulgar like that. There's nothing graphic or sexual about it. The act is eluded to but that's about it.

Amisra, a teen guardian, is chosen to accompany a caravan to a sister village to move a sacred object...the object that gives special abilities to certain women. It's her first mission as an official guardian and prove herself worthy. It doesn't take long when all goes awry, as traitors among the caravan work with a tribe of men in order to try to steal the sacred relic for their own greed. Through this, Amisra struggles with all that she's been told about men as well as dealing with the horror that women she's grown up with and respected have turned against their village. Did I mention that Amisra is a special case, herself?

What I loved about this story is that the entire thing is based on very strong women. Both protagonist and antagonist. Don't get me wrong, it's not one of those dull, cheesy girl-power books, but it is full of strong women. Imagine Xena in teen form. That's what Amisra was to me.

If this was up for rating, I'd give it 5 stars. There were no dull parts to me being that even the inactive parts of the book still kept me absorbed. Click on the title to immerse yourself in Hope-Adon's world of sansers, elemental conduits, and other worldly beings.

I do wish she had kept the original book cover. It was beautiful.


Author: Amanda Havard
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
To Download on Wattpad App: 1496578
Rating: 5 stars

Another one of my wattpad top 3 faves. This book incorporates a variety of supernatural beings in one story. Havard introduces us to Sadie, a supernatural being that's not sure of what she is, and has a desperate desire to be human...to be normal. It begins before her time, in the midst of the Salem witch trials, where a group of children and adolescents were exiled instead of burned at the stake or made to endure any of the other tortures that other accused witches had to forgo. Some that left truly were witches, unknowingly, of course and others weren't. Those that weren't perished one by one until the remaining group realized there was something different about themselves. They decided to live in the wilderness, amongst themselves and for themselves.
This is the life Sadie was born into...and the life that she didn't want. She knew she was different, that they were all different, and even though she escaped and lived among humans, she knew she'd never be human herself. Sadie takes us along on a ride scouring the earth of other beings in order to figure out what she was, what others were, and if it was possible to end it all if one day she wanted to.

This isn't some bleeding heart story, but you can't help but feel bad for her. In her travels she comes upon a being she thinks is like herself...and decides to track him until he confronts her, which makes her force her presence upon his family/clan.

From that point, we're drawn into prophetic visions, secrecy, a first love, and self-destruction. It ends well enough to my liking, but it's an open ending because it's the first book to a series.

Unlike the book before this, Havard does have this book available for purchase. The reason I have it listed on this page is because Wattpad is where I discovered it. It's still up for a free online reading, but if you'd prefer to purchase the book, you can grab either the printed edition or kindle edition in the widget on the left.