Goodreads! I know it's been mentioned over and over on this blog, huh?

What's Goodreads? It's a facebook type social network for bookworms! You'll find authors and readers joined on one site to review books or have their books reviewed.

It's also a good place to try to get free books...some before being released and some due for re-release. If you're lucky, you can get ARCs or signed copies, too!

I haven't seen this happen too often but at times you see the big-wig authors give offer copies of their own stuff for you to win.

Being that it got tedious mentioning that I received certain books for free through their Giveaway Program, and feeling obligated to explain what the program is, I thought it'd be easier if I just said all I could about it, here, and leave it up to whomever stumbles upon my lowly little blog to click the tab, once interested.

If you were suspicious about the program before, I'm letting you know now that it's real.

If you're interested in the program, you must register (free), set up an account and even though it's not stipulated in the rules, I'd advise you to go ahead and add books to your bookshelf, look up books that you have already read and rate them. Writing reviews also helps because that's the trade you're making by getting the chance to have free books. If you're a true bookworm, writing a review for something you took the time to read shouldn't be that big of a deal, right? Well, it'll look really good to them if they see you have already written reviews for books on your own!

After adding books that you've read and rating them, if you think you're ready, click on the explore tab at the top part of the page, look for giveaways and click there. A list of books that the author has offered to give away should load. You can enter as many drawings as you'd want because there's no way you'll get every single book your heart desires. Remember, you're not the only person chasing after it.

My advice? Only apply for the ones that you really want to read so that if you don't get your first choice, at least you'll get something you still wanted IF you're lucky enough to get one.

Your part of the deal to fulfill is this: you must read the book in a reasonable amount of time, rate it, and write a review...and in your review you must state that you received your copy for free through the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway Program.

That's it!

If you don't hold up to your part of the deal, sorry, no more free books for you :(